If you intend to be a purchaser or active user of our Webstore, please read our General Contract Conditions carefully, and only use our services if you agree with every Section of it and you consider them binding in relation to yourself. The present document is not officially filed, it is only concluded in an electronic form, it cannot be reviewed at a later time, and it does not refer to a code of conduct. If you have a question regarding the webstore’s operation, the ordering and delivery process, please contact us at our accessibilities!
(For clients placing electronic orders at the webstore (

1. General provisions is a webstore (hereinafter referred to as: Sasplant) with the internet accessible product catalog of Sasplant Kft. (H-1056 Budapest, Irányi utca 15; tax number: 11751614-2-41, hereinafter referred to as: Operator) through which the Operator offers its products for sale. By the electronic order placement through the webstore according to the conditions specified in the present document, a remote contractual relationship arises between the Operator and the order placing natural person or legal entity company (hereinafter referred to as: Client), based on Government Decree 45/2014 (26 February).
The Client accepts the General Contract Conditions when finalizing the order placement. The Operator states that it has the required licenses to operate a webstore as well as to sell products.

2. Identification of the contracting parties
A sale-purchase contract arises between Sasplant Kft (H-1056 Budapest, Irányi u. 15; tax number: 11751614-2-41), as Seller and the Client as Buyer. The Client provides his or her purchase data by filling in the registration form, which the Client may modify at the time of placing each subsequent order, and the Operator shall fulfill the order and issue the invoice accordingly. Specific liability originating from providing mistaken or false data shall be borne by the Client. The Operator is authorized to delete obviously mistaken or false registrations, or to inspect the truthfulness of the Client in the case of doubt.

3. Prices and product information
The prices shown in the product list of and on the data sheets of the products are the consumer end-prices of the specific products, which are valid and effective only at the time when they appear. If the Client places an order for a product, the Operator undertakes the obligation to deliver the selected product to the Client for the consumer end-price that is valid and effective at the time of placing the order. This price will be contained in the order acknowledgement sent upon placing the order. If an order is or orders are modified or consolidated for any reason, the conditions valid at the time of placing the modified order shall be effective.

4. The Operator’s responsibilities
Making a purchase through the website presumes knowledge and acceptance by the Client regarding the possibilities and limitations of the internet. The User or the Client acknowledges that he or she must assess the potential risks originating from browning or purchasing, and he or she must ascertain the secure use of the computer as well as the protection of the data stored on it.
The Operator shall not be held liable for damage caused by emergency situations or other events outside of its purview, including but not limited to damage caused by the use of the website, malfunctions, data changes performed by anyone, information transmission delay, software errors caused by viruses, malfunctions of the internet network, other technical type malfunctions, line or system errors.
The Operator is authorized to unilaterally modify the purchase conditions or the present Regulation at any time, without specifying a reason and without separate notification. The modifications shall be effective and applicable from the time of their publication.
In the case of price changes, for orders placed prior to the price change, the old price valid prior to the price change shall be effective and will be charged.

5. The Client’s responsibilities
The Client acknowledges that from his or her part the order placing qualifies as a proposal, which is binding. By approving his or her order(s) the Client accepts the provisions of the present GCC, and commits a breach of contract by noncompliance with the contents, for which he or she may be held responsible. The Client undertakes that he or she shall take care of acceptance and payment for the products ordered in the order approved by him or her in accordance with the mode of delivery and the method of payment selected by him or her. If the delivery fails for reasons attributable to the Client, the Client shall pay the excess cost arising from the failure to the Operator.

6. Desisting from the purchase
Pursuant to Article 29 of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (26 February), the Client may not exercise the right to desist from a remotely arisen contract, in the case of products that are prefabricated or were manufactured based on the Client’s instruction or express request, or in the case of products that are clearly customized for the Client and in the case of perishable or short shelf-life products.
The Client explicitly acknowledges that the flower delivered by the Operator upon the Client’s order is a short shelf-life product, and the bouquet ordered by the Client is expressly made for the Client by the Operator, thus the Client may not exercise the right to desist from the sale-purchase contract as specified in Government Decree No. 45/2014(16 February).

7. Complaint management process
The Operator’s purpose is to fulfil every order in the proper quality to the complete satisfaction of the Client. If the Client still has any complaint in connection with the sale-purchase contract and its fulfilment, he or she can notify us regarding the complaint under the “Contact” menu item on the website or on the email address as well as by postal mail. The Operator shall inspect the Client’s complaint within 30 days calculated from its receipt, and shall notify the Client regarding the result of the inspection in the same way as the complaint was submitted, as well as the available legal remedy for the Client if the complaint is rejected.